A bit about us

Our Ethos

‘Ichigo’ (pronounced ‘Ich-ee-goh’) is the Japanese word for ‘Strawberry’, whilst ‘Ichie’ (pronounced ‘Ich-ee-ah’) translates as ‘first time’ or ‘once’.
Ichigo Ichie (Jap translation) means “One Opportunity, One Encounter” or “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur”.
We believe “Ichigo Ichie’ describes our company ethos, which aims to present beautiful, unique and stylish homewares to a UK and European audience.

Who Are We?

The owner of Ichigo Ichie  Brian Jones, has worked in health for most of his adult life, although for twelve years he also  worked part time for Manchester music promotion company Electriks, home of the Una Bombers, Electric Chair and latterly Refuge and Volta restaurant/ bar in Manchester. Brian has always been intereted in Japanese culture and design. In 2013, after his first trip to Japan, the idea of a new business started to form.

Why Japanese Homewares?

After Brian's first trip to Japan, and his love of modern design, he decided to bring Japanese Homewares to the UK & European market. His first forays into the homewares retail experience in Japan  were a revelation, and he was excited about the possibilities. The concept was born and the hard work began on kick starting the project 

Sourcing Our Products

All of our products are not only sourced from Japan, but more importantly are designed and created in Japan. This is the only way we can assure our customers that they are immersing themselves in high quality, well designed products.
We will however, occasionally showcase our favourite UK-based Japanese artisans, who share our ethos and have a strong visual and design focus.

What are Japanese Homewares?

Our product range covers anything for the home, including tableware, kitchenware, ceramics, ornamental, household objects, visual art for the home and much more, all with an accent on strong design, made by experienced designers and artisans from Japan, using in many cases, traditional designs and craftsmanship.

A Responsive Customer Service

The Japanese pride themselves on first class customer service, which many would argue is the best in the world. Ichigo Ichie is no different. We aim to ship our products within 48 hours of an order being placed. Our products will be professionally packaged to avoid any breakages whilst in transit. And if you have any questions in relation to our products, e-mail us and we provide a prompt response.