Asahineko Range

Our Asahineko range needs to be ‘seen and touched, to be believed’

The wood is sourced from the village of Tsukechi in the Kiso Forest, Japan - Tsukechi is popularly known as the ‘village of God’s trees’.

Japan’s most sacred shrine at Ise is reconstructed every 20 years using the five trees that reside in Kiso, namely Sawara Cypress, Hinoki Cypress, Asunaro, Kouya Maki and Nezuko.

Handcrafted by Japanese woodworking artisans, using the wood from the Five Trees, the Asahineko range will give you a different expression and feel for every year.
Imagine ten years from now, when over time, these beautiful objects mould to your own hands.

Each object is individually designed by some of Kiso’s finest woodcraftsmen including Kazuteru Marusaw and Makoto Koizumi